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10.3.06: Lenore Pomerance contributes chapter on sexuality in the new book: Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause.

For years, Our Bodies, Ourselves has provided readers with indispensable information on women’s health and sexuality. The same knowledge and perspective has been brought to Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause, published by Simon & Schuster in October 2006.

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10.28.02: "Menopause is Not a Disease" – Certified Menopause Educator Calls for Holistic Treatment Approach for Mid-Life Women

A woman psychotherapist and certified menopause educator addressed the National Institutes of Health and asked the medical community to stop treating menopausal women as if they had a disease. During the NIH National Conference on Menopausal Hormone Therapy,

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07.26.02: HRT Anxiety? Join a Menopause Support Group (Advisory on August 1, 2002 meeting in Dupont Circle)

In light of recent findings, many women have many questions about HRT. If you are perimenopausal, should you no longer consider HRT as an option? If you are currently on HRT, should you stop? If so, how will you deal with menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, "fuzzy thinking" and irritability? What about the long-term issues: increased risk of diseases that go with menopause and aging like osteoporosis and heart disease? Lifestyle changes: Can you commit to them now? What about herbs and special foods - do they make a difference? What about sexuality, your self-concept of "femininity", and all the other relationship issues that go with change? Discuss these and other issues in a comfortable, confidential setting with other women, guided by a neutral, unbiased Certified Menopause Educator.

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11.19.01: "If the past catches up..." First for Woman shares expert opinions on previous sexual exploits and how they can affect relationships.

"Clinical social worker Lenore Pomerance adds, 'Let's say a woman with a lot of sexual experience marries her husband because they have a great sex life, and he's as good as or even better than her previous lovers. In that case, there shouldn't be a problem.'

"'But if she marries him for reasons other than sex, say, because he'll make a good husband and father, she will eventually resent that their sex life isn't great. And he'll end up feeling inadequate, knowing he is not satisfying her the way previous lovers did.'"

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02.24.01: "What midlife crisis?" The Sunday, February 24 Star-Ledger talks to Lenore about the reality of middle age.

"''Midlife crisis is not a myth,' says Lenore Pomerance, a Washington-based therapist. 'Not everyone's going to have it, but those who find themselves at an age when they thought they'd have it all together and their lives are coming apart, that's a crisis.'

"According to Pomerance, who specializes in transitions associated with midlife, such as menopause, divorce and empty-nest syndrome, a midlife crisis can be like a second adolescence. Along with hormonal changes, midlife meltdowns can bring mood swings and 'escape behaviors' like sexual-acting out and drug addiction."

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07.26.01: Lenore was quoted in the Sunday, July 22nd edition of the Washington Post in an article about the emphasis of family ties.

"On the other hand, as grandchildren get older, some retirees face a different problem. 'The lament that I hear mostly from older adults is that their grandchildren are so busy that they have a hard time seeing them. And that can be very painful,' said Lenore M. Pomerance, a clinical social worker who practices in Washington.

"That experience may be particularly painful, Pomerance suggests, for people who 'have expectations that maybe they can be more involved as grandparents than they were as parents.' "

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